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GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Vermentino

APPELLATION: Terre Siciliane IGT

WINE DESCRIPTION: Rich and long lasting, with straw yellow colour with greenish shades, it expresses distinct hints of quince and peach.

FOOD PAIRING: It enhances marinated octopus and vegetable omelettes and is perfect with prawn and potato salad.


Volume: 0.75 L

Settesoli - Vermentino

  • Settesoli

    Settesoli is a story of a passionate vinicultural community in Menfi, Sicily, where the wines are crafted by a growing community of 2,000 families of growers. They are the makers of taste, sharing their age-old secrets from generation to generation. The character of Settesoli is as genuine and authentic as the lifestyle of its community.

    Each family works the sun-kissed territory with pride, taking advantage of a perfect micro-climate of different soils, sea breezes and exposures, ensuring each wine captures the essence of this unique territory. The Settesoli range delivers distinctive wines that allow you to Taste the Soul of Sicily.

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