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GRAPE VARIETY: Corvina 80%, Rondinella 10% and Oseleta 10%

APPELLATION: Northern Italy / Veneto / Valpolicella


WINE DESCRIPTION: Thanks to the long aging time, the excellence of the vineyards and the work of the Zenato cellar, the Amarone Classico Riserva “Sergio Zenato” is a splendid Amarone, with a rich, intense and robust profile, with great personality. The nose releases aromas of black cherries in alcohol, ripe berries, spices and menthol notes. The taste is full, intense, with an exuberant alcoholic strength and a dense tannic texture, with a long, enchanting, slightly almond finish. An Amarone Riserva that carries within it all the personality of the great Venetian wine, with the soul of the Zenato winery.


FOOD PAIRING: Best paired with grilled red meat, duck, lamb, venison, beef short ribs, liver and onions, braised beef, hearty stews and rich pasta.




Volume: 0.75 L

Amarone Riserva

  • Zenato

    Zenato winery possesses a strong link to the richness of its local history and culture, and continues to develop this connection today. The estate is based in a territory that surrounds Lake Garda, with an extraordinary microclimate that allows for an optimal growing season.

    Cherishing a ‘frank and simple’ approach to life, Zenato is committed to producing affordable wine of exceptional quality. With a passion for the land and a dedication to vigorous research, innovation and quality improvement, Sergio Zenato strived to eclipse past results. He crafted wines that are known for their quality and consistency.

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