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Enoteca has been operating since the beginning of 2017 as an importer and distributor of representative products from Italy.


The owners’ passion for fine wines and food pairings is reflected in the close collaboration with the Kenyan hospitality industry.

The company focus has always been to provide the Kenyan market with authentic, excellent quality Italian wine from a range of wineries.

The owners make frequent trips to Italy where they meet with each producer and visit the vineyards and wine cellars. The personal relationship with the producers is of utmost importance to the company. Each wine is carefully selected after many tastings, which ensures the best wine for the best value.

The company started operations with several labels in its catalogue, these include Planeta, Settesoli and Bepin De Eto. This selection expanded in the subsequent years with the addition of several new labels such as Gaja, Ceretto, Bosco, Zenato and Cavit.

The owners continue to research the Italian wine production for new and exciting labels with the aim to complete, over time, the portfolio with a representation of all Italian regions.

The Italian food delicacies have not been overlooked, the company works with producers in Piedmont, Campania and Sicily to bring products that complement the wine selection.


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