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The star of Limonio’s liqueur production, obtained from the peel of the Sicilian lemon variety Femminello, grown in the estate of Partinico. It is a Limoncello of extraordinary purity, a symphony of lemon blossom aromas and a journey through Sicily’s history and traditions. It is the perfect conclusion to a Sicilian meal, especially with a cool serving of fruit salad.

(35% alc/vol)


Lemons, alcohol obtained from the distillation of Sicilian wine grapes, water and sugar.


Colour: olive green, varying in intensity depending on the fruit used for the infusion

Aroma: intense notes of lemon, from the essential oils contained in the peel

Taste: strong and fragrant notes of freshly picked lemons

Available Formats:

Bottles cl. 20, cl. 50, cl. 70 and 2 lt

Outer packaging available with raffia twine.

Limoncello - Limonio


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