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Planeta - Alastro, IGT

  • White – 100% Grecanico – dry and fruity


    Single variety Grecanico, produced from the historic 25-year old Ulmo Vineyard, and thus able to express to the utmost the unique characteristics of this noble and ancient Sicilian grape.


    Aromas of ripe white melon and Etna white peach, followed by sweet sensations, white chocolate and meringue, a mineral component gradually appearing in the wine. The palate is thin but not too bulky, full and unexpectedly soft. A nice acidity enhances the freshness. Unpredictable finish with a return of dense flowery notes.


    The contrast between savoury and sweetness confers a gastronomic strength that makes it suitable for matching with simple dishes such as a warm seafood salad as well as with more complex ones like a spicy Asian dish with sweet & sour sauce.

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