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Planeta - Chardonnay

  • A wine which has become the image illustrating the changes taking place in Sicilian wines. Born from a dream of competing with the world in the production of this noble and widespread grape variety, today Planeta’s Chardonnay is an icon for the whole of Sicily.


    Colour: golden yellow with vivacious green reflections


    Nose: rich and intense. Aromas of apricot, peach, Golden Delicious apples, and white figs, flavours of honey, citrus blossom and Bronte pistachios. The wood is hesitant but well balanced.

    Palate: rich, creamy and flowing. Its balance is characterised with a fresh acidity contrasting with an alcoholic softness due to the fermentation in Wood.

    Food Pairing: A good match for smoked fish and meat, and after a few years’ maturation, also with herbed cheeses.

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