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Planeta - Santa Cecilia

  • GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Nero d’Avola


    WINE DESCRIPTION: Purple purplish. A very spicy, fruity wine, brilliant and clear, perfumed with carob, bergamot, and orange peel. The compact ripe fruit and balsamic notes on the palate dissolve in a sweet and vigorous manner to accompany tannins of dense texture but are also open and calibrated to the structure of this wine of deep baritone tones. Traces of graphite confer elements of a high-tasting lineage while cleverly eliciting wild blackberry and cherry to maintain the wine on a rigorous style and taste register.

    FOOD PAIRING: A wine that has no fear of the riskiest matchings such as pork marinated with chili pepper or dishes of fish with rich fibrous flesh.

    ALCOHOL CONTENT: 14% vol

    Volume: 0.75 L


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